VIRUSES: 5 minutes , BACTERIA: 1÷5 minutes, FUNGI, YEAST: 1÷15 minutes, SPORES: 5 minutes, MYCOBACTERIA: 5 minutes




Cleaning and Disinfection of Most Surfaces
Thermal Fumigation and ULV Fumigation 
Cleaning and Disinfection of Air Conditioning
Devices: Lances, Pumps, Fumigators, Foggers
Hand disinfection


Why NANOCLEAN® products are unique:

  • EFFECTIVELY DISINFECTS - The widest biocidal spectrum in the shortest time:
  • (Bacteria: 1÷5 minutes, Viruses: 5 minutes, Fungi, Yeast: 1÷15 minutes, Spores: 5 minutes, Mycobacterium: 5 minutes)
  • RAPID BIOCIDAL ACTION – kills Legionella Pneumophila bacteria within 1 minute according to EN 1276.
  • PREVENTS INFECTIONS not only inhibits the development of microbes, but also destroys their genetic material.
  • TESTED according to many European standards EN.
  • NON-FLAMMABLE – a water-based preparation eliminates the risk of fire.
  • MULTIUSE – manual washing, spraying, wiping, active foam, immersion, thermal fumigation, ULV fumigation.
  • WASHES AND CLEANS - effectively removes stains and organic impurities: removes mold, fungi, dust, fat, oil,
    fatty stains of upholstery and carpets, vomit, excrement, blood, wine, decomposing food, organic waste, etc.
  • EFFICIENT - for 1 air conditioning evaporator you need only 500ml of working fluid 5% ( 25ml concentrate + 475ml tap water)
  • REMOVES UNPLEASANT ODOR - permanently removes unpleasant smell of fungi and unpleasant smell of organic waste.
  • SAFE for the user, based on an innovative safe formula, with no aldehydes, no active chlorine and no acids.
  • COMPATIBLE - NEUTRAL for the most materials: plastics, most metals including aluminium, rubber seals, paint coatings, fabrics...
  • It has been approved:  Biocidal Product Marketing Authorization and National Institute of Public Heath  PZH Certificate.



NANOCLEAN® AIR is available in many forms:

  • FOAM IN AEROSOL, convenient and easy to use as biocidal foam for waterproof surfaces and a second set in a cap with an additional 60cm hose ended with a 360 ° nozzle for use in car HVAC channels.
  • READY-TO-USE (RTU) LIQUID, convenient and easy to use liquid with several fragrances.
  • ECONOMIC CONCENTRATE used in dilution of 5% with water (1:20) - 1L of concentrate makes 20L RTU working solution.



Wide Application of NANOCLEAN® AIR products:

NANOCLEAN AIR cleaning and disinfecting products are used in the public and private sectors.

The latest formula guarantees the highest biocidal effectiveness against viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeast, spores, mycobacteria, while offering safety during their use.

Cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces

Rooms Fogging, thermal fumigation, ULV fumigation

Cleaning and Disinfection of air conditioning evaporators and ventilation systems in buildings and vehicles

     • healthcare facilities (hospitals, outpatient clinics, sanatoriums, offices),
     • scientific and industrial laboratories (production of medicines and cosmetics),
     • care and educational institutions (nurseries, kindergartens, schools),
     • beauty salons, hairdressers, massage spots, SPA, etc.
     • fitness salons, gyms, saunas, swimming pools, bathtubs, changing rooms
     • places of food production and food processing (gastronomy, restaurants, food industry),
     • veterinary medicine, animal husbandry
     • hotels and guesthouses, apartments
     • offices and offices
     • production halls
     • houses and flats
     • residential public spaces (housing estates, cages, playgrounds)
     • sanitary facilities, toilet, bathrooms,
     • petrol stations
     • shops, wholesalers, shopping malls
     • service outlets
     • renting clothes, shoes, etc.
     • machines and devices (gardening equipment)
     • public transport (buses, trains, planes, yachts, boats)
     • private vehicles (cars, motorbikes, bicycles, agricultural machinery, etc.)
     • many other applications