MCPOLSKA.PL SP. Z O. O. SP. K is a family-owned, production and trade company with 20 years of experience in the following sectors:


Our clients for years have been international corporations from the automotive industry, energy industry, heavy industry.


We are the Leader in rapid high-level high-level and plasma sterilization.
Our clients are,, both state and private hospitals in Poland.


The combination of our expertise in the industrial and medical sectors resulted in the creation of our NANOCLEAN® brand.
For several years we have been providing professional advice in the AIR CONDITIONING AND VENTILATION sector in the field of professional chemistry, cooperating with the best wholesalers and air conditioning services throughout the Polish.

We are the leader in air conditioning disinfection, and our brand NANOCLEAN AIR has received various awards LAUR EXPERTA 2019 and 2020, Product of the Year 2019, 2020 in the magazine autoEXPERT, Product of the Year 2015 of the journal Engineering and Maintenance.


As the ONLY ONES ON THE MARKET, we offer a range of products that clean, demouldify and disinfect HVAC air conditioning and ventilation systems with a full spectrum of action, i.e. remove all viruses, bacteria, fungi, mycobacteria, spores in 15 minutes in one process (1 product).

We offer effective, fast and safest methods of cleaning, demoulding and disinfecting HVAC components in vehicles and buildings.

Disinfection of interiors by NANOCLEAN® dry mist fog fog is fast – contact time 15 minutes, effective and safe for all surfaces without the risk of damage, without the need for spraying and without the need for wiping.



NANOCLEAN® AIR disinfection methods allow safe use of air conditioning without the risk of infections and allergies.

The result is clean air in the car as well as indoors, so that YOUR CUSTOMER can feel safe in a freshly disinfected car or office after service.

NANOCLEAN® AIR solutions provide confidence, comfort and are valued by both the world’s largest corporations and individual customers, which has been confirmed by references.

We provide constant advice, technical support, training and the highest quality of products. We guarantee fast service and individual approach to each client. Fully committed to synergy, we serve our customers.