Every owner of a car or home air conditioner knows that regular cleaning and disinfection is a very important part of its operation. Failure to do so has bad consequences like unpleasant odours, inefficient air conditioning and health problems. Do not expose yourself to this type of troubles and carry out servicing of this sensitive area from time to time. Do you know how to properly clean, fumigate and why to disinfect your air conditioner? What is the difference between cleaning and fumigation and what is full spectrum disinfection? Find out how to take the best and most effective care of your cooling source.

AC Cleaning and Fumigation

Air conditioning cleaning is an essential maintenance job during which we remove all dust and dirt from the surface. This should be done regularly, even when the naked eye cannot see any dirt. Air conditioning cleaning at home should be done whenever we perform maintenance, and even more frequently if necessary.

Air conditioning cleaning at home can usually be done by yourself. This is just one part of taking proper care of your air conditioner. It removes physical dirt, but dangerous fungi, bacteria, viruses, bacterial spores and mycobacteria may still be present in the air conditioner.

Air conditioner fumigation – why is it so important?

In general, fumigation involves removing all fungi and mould and their spores. All parts of the air conditioner, including the internal ones, should be fumigated. Failure to do so can cause damage to your air conditioner and even expose you to serious health problems. The air conditioning fumigation procedure is usually applied twice a year, preferably at the beginning of spring and autumn.

We also carry out maintenance whenever we smell an unpleasant odour from the air conditioner. This indicates the development of harmful spores which can quickly attack the entire air conditioning system. So it’s worth taking care of air conditioning fumigation regularly and not exposing yourself to unpleasant consequences. Similarly to air conditioning cleaning, air conditioning fumigation will not remove all germs, because viruses, bacteria, mycobacteria and spores remain.

To fumigate air conditioning at home, we can use special preparations or purchase an air conditioning ozone service, which, despite its popularity, is not the most effective maintenance method. Although this method removes fungal spores, it does not deal with dust and dirt and other types of microorganisms. The effects of ozone treatment alone will have to be repeated in a short time as dust is an excellent environment for all kinds of microbes to grow.

AC Disinfection

Disinfection, depending on the quality of the disinfectant, involves the removal of viruses, bacteria, fungi and other types of microorganisms such as mycobacteria and bacterial spores. The term is often used interchangeably with fumigation, but their meanings do not quite coincide. Fumigation is only part of the disinfection process and should not be performed alone. Only with comprehensive air conditioning cleaning and disinfection you will achieve lasting and satisfactory results. Full Spectrum Disinfection effectively eliminates fungi, all viruses (if a biocidal product removes Polio, Adeno, Noro, it is assumed to remove all other viruses in accordance with European standards for chemical disinfectants) bacteria, mycobacteria, spores.

NANOCLEAN® AIR is a full spectrum biocidal air conditioning cleaner, fumigator and disinfectant. It guarantees effectiveness and safety, confirmed by test reports according to European standards:

EN1040, EN13727, EN1276, EN13697, EN13623, EN1275, EN1650, EN14476, EN13704, EN14348.

What is the fastest way to deal with air conditioning maintenance?

Full air conditioning maintenance can of course be outsourced to a professional company that provides this type of service, but this is associated with fairly high costs. Every few years such a service is even advisable, but before choosing a service company, it is important to check which agents they use for cleaning and disinfecting your AC, and whether they are full spectrum agents such as NANOCLEAN® AIR. However, we do not always have to go to professionals for assistance. You can easily carry out your air conditioning service at home, saving time and money.

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A highly recommended product for air conditioning cleaning, fumigation and disinfection in a single process is the multi-purpose foam or NANOCLEAN® AIR Spray, which allows you to clean and disinfect your air conditioner at the same time. This means that we guarantee perfect AC cleanliness and safety at the same time. NANOCLEAN® AIR series stand out from other products of this type as they have a full spectrum of bactericidal action.

NANOCLEAN® AIR is effective in killing all kinds of microorganisms:

  • Viruses within 5 minutes (enveloped viruses as: HIV, HBV, HCV, SARS-COVI-2, and non-enveloped or difficult to remove Polio, Adeno, Noro).
  • Bacteria including Legionella pneuophilia in 1 minute.
  • Fungi and moulds in up to 15 minutes.
  • Spores within 5 minutes.
  • Mycobacteria in 5 minutes.

The use of NANOCLEAN® AIR Aerosol is extremely simple and will not take too long. Pressurised foam will quickly and very thoroughly clean your air conditioning of any harmful organisms. In contrast to ozone treatment, the preparation is completely safe for health and does not contain any toxic substances, mutagens or alcohol. Its undoubted advantage is its effectiveness, but also a very pleasant citrus fragrance that lingers long after the AC service is carried out.

NANOCLEAN® AIR stands out from other commercially available disinfectant preparations or fluids because of its comprehensive action.

Competing formulations often only have a single effect. This means that they either clean or fumigate, and are often not effective against certain bacteria, viruses, mycobacteria or spores. This causes us to worry more often about our AC state and whether we are putting our health at risk. NANOCLEAN® AIR prevents these problems and allows you to enjoy a clean air conditioning system for months to come.

What is AC disinfection and fumigation?

Nowadays, having air conditioning means more then standard than a luxury. The owners of this system use it both in homes, as well as in cars. However, it is important to realise that air conditioning is not only benefits, but also also obligations, negligence of which may have a serious impact on our health.

Why to clean air conditioner? 

Every air conditioner works on the the same principle. The intake allows to drawn air from the outside, and then clean, cooled and fresh air is transferred inside the building through filters and a central unit. Of course, this only happens if the entire air conditioning system is regularly cleaned and disinfected, otherwise this system should not be used at all.

Dust, insects and condensing water, after longer stay on the AC components, become a perfect breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria, viruses, spores, yeasts or other pathogens causing dangerous diseases – mainly of the respiratory system. To prevent such risk, the air conditioning system must be disinfected regularly. However, if you have neglected your equipment, you should quickly order fumigation and disinfection service to make your air conditioning efficient again.

What is AC fumigation and disinfection and how it is done? 


Removal of visible dirt and grime from the surface to the extent necessary for the further decontamination stage, i.e. disinfection. The washing process is a very important step in decontamination, when done correctly it reduces microorganisms up to 80%, but the removed microorganisms still remain viable. Improperly executed washing process can lead to increased microbial contamination.

It is important that disinfectant preparations have good cleaning properties, e.g. alcoholic preparations do not have effective cleaning properties and should therefore be applied to previously washed surfaces.

NANOCLEAN® AIR means 100% CLEANING EFFICIENCY due to its multi-component active base.

FUMIGATION is only part of disinfecting. The purpose of fumigation is to reduce fungi to a level that will not pose a health risk. Fumigation will not destroy other microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, mycobacteria, spores. NANOCLEAN® AIR 100% EFFECTIVE FUMIGATION, due to its innovative formulation.


A broad process that aims to destroy microorganisms and their spores from surfaces.

Depending on the degree of microorganisms destruction, the disinfection process can be divided into two levels:

Low-level disinfection – removing and destroying bacteria, fungi and certain sensitive viruses.

High-level disinfection reduces bacteria, fungi, mycobacteria, enveloped and non-enveloped viruses (the most difficult to remove: Polioviruses, Adenoviruses, Noroviruses) and bacterial spores.

NANOCLEAN® AIR means 100% SAFETY. FULL BIOCIDAL SPECTRUM: viruses, fungi, bacteria, spores, mycobacteria. Legionella pneumophila in 1 minute.

If it started to smell unpleasantly in your home or car, and the musty odour spreading is not really good, you should consider fumigation of your air conditioning – such smell is an evidence that unfortunately your AC has been inhabited by fungi, inhalation of which is absolutely not a healthy way of life. If you avoid prolonged intervals in fumigation, there should be no such smell, therefore it has to be done at least once a year.

Air conditioning fumigation can be carried out by using ultrasound. This involves the use of a special atomizer, due to which the appropriate active substance gets into the ventilation ducts, however, ultrasound will not clean the evaporator and most of the preparations used in this method have only refreshing properties.

Another way to control fungi is ozonation

Ozonation of rooms and cars consists in supplying gaseous ozone and mixing it with the air contained in the room or car, which we want to ozonize. Ozone has a number of disadvantages for health and electronics and its effectiveness follows certain external conditions such as adequate air humidity, in fact there are very few ozonators that have test reports confirming their effectiveness.

The third way is to use aerosol foam – using this type of foam is relatively simple. However, most foams only have refreshing properties or a basic spectrum of action, i.e. bacteria, fungi and basic viruses. NANOCLEAN® AIR is for persons for whom safety and guaranteed effectiveness are of prime importance. It has a full biocidal spectrum, i.e. removes all viruses, bacteria, fungi, mycobacteria and spores.

The fourth way is a professional service. Before you order air-conditioning cleaning, fumigation or disinfection services in your car, office or home, make sure that the agents used for these procedures have good cleaning properties and a wide, preferably full biocidal spectrum, i.e. they remove all viruses (Polio, Adeno, Noro), bacteria, including Legionella pneumophila, fungi, mycobacteria and bacterial spores. Or simply see if they use NANOCLEAN® AIR then you can be sure that the service has been carried out with full spectrum biocidal preparations.

Car AC Cleaning

Anyone who cares about their car knows that regular air conditioning cleaning and fumigation along with its disinfection is a must. Especially just after the winter period, when fungal spores and all kinds of bacteria and viruses even love to grow in warm places. Neglecting this job may have very unpleasant consequences.

A dirty, mouldy air conditioner is not only far less efficient, but can also cause serious illness and disease. Our skin and respiratory system in particular are especially vulnerable to allergic reactions and even to serious and irreversible damage. Unfortunately, simply washing or even fumigating the air conditioner is not enough. Indeed, fungi are not the only problem affecting air conditioners. They also harbour viruses, bacteria, yeasts, spores and mycobacteria. Ordinary air conditioning cleaner removes dirt, debris and some bacteria, but it cannot deal with all bacteria, viruses, mycobacteria, fungi or spores. To get rid of all microorganisms, the air conditioning cleaner and disinfectant must have suitable biocidal properties.

You can, of course, take your car to a workshop or service centre, but make sure that the service centre uses a full spectrum biocidal cleaner: viruses (Polio, Adeno, Noro), bacteria, fungi, yeasts, mycobacteria and spores. However, you can also clean and disinfect your air conditioner yourself. It is essential to choose the right air conditioning cleaner and disinfectant with a full biocidal spectrum, such as NANOCLEAN® AIR.


Car AC cleaning by yourself

Among the best preparations available on the market are products from the NANOCLEAN® AIR series, which are cleaning and disinfecting agents suitable for both your car and home air conditioning. NANOCLEAN® AIR agents have Hygienic Certificate PZH. They feature full biocidal spectrum. This means that they remove all viruses (if a biocidal product removes Polio, Adeno, Noro, it is assumed to remove all other viruses in accordance with European standards for chemical disinfectants), bacteria, fungi, mould, yeasts and mycobacteria. Using only one preparation, it is possible to get rid of bacteria and fungi, moulds as well as viruses, yeasts, mycobacteria and spores. All this just a few minutes after use. It is also important to note that NANOCLEAN® AIR products are completely safe for humans as they do not contain any acids, aldehydes or chlorine. By using them, your car or air conditioner being cleaned will certainly not suffer either. The product is fully compatible with metals as well as plastics and rubber. Available as an aerosol, NANOCLEAN® AIR will ensure completely safe and smooth operation of any car AC. Visit our TRAINING VIDEOS site and see how it’s done.

Cleaning and fumigation of home air conditioning – which products to use?

Home air conditioning popularity is still growing, as people realise how much comfort it guarantees. It is usually installed by owners of houses with residential attics, which seems quite obvious. It is better to consider this at the stage of construction, because if you do not have the budget to install an air conditioner, you can plan a suitable place for it, which will make it much easier to install AC in the future.

How to take care of your AC at home? 

Air conditioning maintenance performed by its user is extremely important. We can clean the air inlets and outlets ourselves with a damp cloth, which guarantees, for example, less dust in the air air. Absolutely never use any hard brushes for this purpose. The filters should be cleaned every two weeks, and in periods of intensive use of the unit, even weekly. Situation however changes when, despite regular care of your air conditioning, it stops working as it should.

The right solution is to use a professional air conditioning cleaning product with which you can disinfect your AC to the to a maximum degree. Use NANOCLEAN® AIR to remove all kinds of fungi, yeasts, mycobacteria, bacteria, spores and viruses from your air conditioner, all within minutes.

High-pressure foam or spray are very easy to use, and due to appropriately selected pressure they enable deep penetration into the ducts, you would not be able to reach otherwise. They are also perfect for washing and disinfecting all water-resistant surfaces – both hard and soft ones. When buying this type of product, it is worth investing at once to be able to clean your air conditioner at regular intervals – especially when the heat causes more intensive use of this type of equipment. Visit our TRAINING VIDEOS site and see how it’s done.

When should you ask for professional assistance? 

At least twice a year you should call a professional air conditioning service to thoroughly clean your AC. Negligence can have a significant impact on your health, so do not forget it for your own safety. You should also call the service centre each time you have any doubts about the operation of your appliance. Regular maintenance is however not everything you should remember. During such maintenance, all AC units are cleaned and disinfected, the entire system is checked and the cooling system inspected.

Remember that getting rid of any possible viruses, bacteria, fungi, disputes, mycobacteria and other dangers is the basis of taking care of your home air conditioning, i.e. your health and your loved ones.

Keep the ones you love safe… NANOCLEAN® AIR.