How to take care of the air conditioning at home?

If you own your own home, you are well aware of how many things you need to bear in mind in order for everything to work flawlessly. Already during construction, attention should be paid to several important issues, such as the tightness of the building, the direction of the which direction the windows face, insulation of the attic or air conditioning. The warming of the climate means that high temperatures in summer can often be very unpleasant.

How does air conditioning work? 

When using air conditioning at your home, you should be aware that it allows you to breathe fresh air from outside, which flows through various ducts and the main unit called a conditioner. This unit cleans and cools the air for you, so that the comfort of staying inside your home is significantly higher. Keeping a pleasant chill in the interior is not however possible without some maintenance and it is important to realise that among other things, the air from outside contaminates the entire system, which in time needs cleaning. Otherwise, the atmosphere in your house will be significantly deteriorated and the air from the conditioning system can have a negative impact on your health.

What is the result of using an unclean air conditioner? 

External air intake is equipped with a filter, which gradually accumulates dust and all microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, including legionella, mycobacteria, bacterial spores and fungi. When contaminants accumulate in large quantities, the air conditioner ceases to operate at proper efficiency, and power consumption increases, so you pay more for using you conditioning unit. A unit that is not cleaned regularly also tends to icing up, which results in condensation. Waste collecting in the unit is a breeding ground for, among other, bacteria, which together with the air get into the building interior. They can have a very negative effect on lungs – especially Legionella bacteria.

What you can do yourself, and for what to call professionals?

What you can do during regular household keeping is to clean the filters, evaporator, and to disinfect these devices. It is often enough to look at the device sheet to see how it should be done. When cleaning is carried out, make sure the agent used has full-spectrum cleaning and disinfecting properties, such as NANOCLEAN® AIR. Biocidal active foam for air conditioning cleaning, fumigation (fungi removal) and disinfection in one process.

From time to time, the air conditioner shall also be inspected by a professional; it’s also a good idea to ask to them to clean and disinfect the entire system inside. Professionals who use NANOCELAN® AIR will do their job so that the air conditioning system is free of any viruses, fungi, bacteria, mycobacteria or bacterial spores. It is worth choosing to contact company, which has not only a well-designed website, but also uses full spectrum products such as NANOCLEAN® AIR. We then have a guarantee of effectively executed disinfection.

Failure of periodical air conditioning cleaning, air fumigation and disinfection will cause the air conditioner to stop working properly and provide a breeding ground for unpleasant and serious respiratory diseases. Including the pneumonia.